“a poignant and emotional fantasy.”

Alice Lizzie Aaryn Stanton

Tom Reza Diako

Echo (voice) Lorelei Southwell


Writer | Director Jo Southwell

Director of Photography Alex Bieraugel

Producer Sara Gibbings

Underwater Photography Mike Valentine

“Director and writer Jo Southwell’s poignant and emotional fantasy Echo is one that will pull on your emotions and leave you wanting more. It’s a captivating story that draws you in and delivers a powerful message in such a way that’s both original and emotive. 

Southwell takes on the topic of losing a child in a unique way by embracing the fantasy genre and opening up many new paths to go down creatively. This makes for an intriguing take on a story that other filmmakers would play safe with a typical hard hitting drama as seen time and time again. By capturing the fantasy element, it accurately infuses the film with a sense of innocence and wonder that makes for a more powerful connection with the lead character and her grief.” (APEX FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW)