Well, the day finally arrived when the farrier would turn up and sort Spud and Prince out – once and for all. He pulled up in some gigantic land rover with blacked out windows — I politely asked if he needed to get closer to the stable – he smiled at me. I realise now he was clearly thinking, “ Here we go again — another blonde — wanna be horse owner who hasn’t got a clue ! “ 


We all know he was right but it didn’t stop me feeling like a total idiot !


We walked down to see the ponies with me waffling on about how flighty they are and how hard to handle. He looked at me and simply said, “ I haven’t failed yet.” GULP !! 


It is quite an odd job — farrier. Do people wake up one day and decide – I want to cut horse hooves ? No doubt there is quite a bit to it. Watching the farrier at work I had a moment of revelation – “Hallelujah !!” 


These little ponies don’t know me so they don’t trust me. Why would they ? Some deranged woman running around a field; pulling them here and there – shoving hay in their face and hoping it will actually do something miraculous.  I wouldn’t trust that either !!


As the lockdown weeks fade into the next, conversations with vets about balls and have I seen any yet – I realise this journey of discovery is not only a totally amazing distraction from the hours of forced solitude but also a gift. One that is no doubt going to continue to challenge me but hey — what else is there ?? !! 


It is now the end of January and this director / writer can happily say — “I can clean my ponies feet!!”  Sometimes in life it is the little things that make me smile.

Now on to TV preparations……


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